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Save The Children, Save The Church

Bishop Robert L. Sample

Prelate, Texas North Central Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction

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In-person & Online
@ 11:00am

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@ 11:00am

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A Different Kind of Praise


A unique jurisdiction is made up of the unique talents and gifts, given to each of us by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Come and share your God given abilities with TNC, and help build a better community.

Auxiliaries In Ministry (AIM)

The Jurisdictional AIM Convention is a family oriented experience. The coordination of AIM bring together the five auxiliaries of the jurisdiction: Music, Youth, Missions, Evangelism, and Sunday School. Learn, grow, and know about your affiliated church through the AIM Workshops.

Jurisdictional Adjutancy Corps

Informative and Innovative training to cultivate adjutancy excellence in jurisdictional service. Explore and Engage in protocol conversations using the updated information from the National Adjutancy. Strategies to Build friendship, trust, and collaboration at the jurisdictional level.

Jurisdictional Council of Pastors and Elders

TNC JCPE was designed and emerged out of concern for positive leadership and protection for Pastors and Elders. The function of an Elder is to feed the flock of Christ. JCPE endeavors to enhance and model appropriateness and functionality of TNC & JCPE.

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